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Card Transactions

Simplifying accounting for retail and e-commerce

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Automatic Reconciliation

Reconciles your receivables
against open posts in the ledger and
automatically creates suggestions
for bookkeeping entry.

Flexible and Scalable

Add information in the booking
and customize it to suit your
business to perfection.

Reducing Costs

Extremely timesaving for businesses
in retail, e-commerce and
B2C services.

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Already Integrated

Communicates with your preferred payment provider
and sends you all relevant data - every single transaction
and fee. Integrable with most providers, e.g. Klarna,
Teller/Nets, Stripe, iZettle, PayPal, PayEx,
Adyen, Svea, Elavon, Dibs and Bambora.

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Market Leading

The only solution in the market that automates
the entire accounting process of card transactions.
The solution can be integrated in all cloud based
ERP systems. First out we have launched
integration with ERP.


We comply with all financial regulations, require
two-factor authentication and use advanced encryption
technology to ensure your data is safe at all times.

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